Amiga Kickstart 1.3 ROM-Wack

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Amiga Kickstart 1.3 ROM-Wack

The ROM-Wack interface (which you get to by pressing the right mouse button at any Guru Meditation error), is available on the Amiga's serial port at 9600, 8-N-1.

A basic concept is that there is a single memory pointer (called 'MP' in the following documentation) that acts as the base address for almost all commands.

On entry, MP == PC.

XXXXXX          # Set MP to XXXXXX
-XX             # Subtract XX from MP
+XX             # Add XX to MP
:XX             # Set default dump length
^               # Dump memory at MP
<               # Decrement MP by the default dump length, then dump
>               # Dump memory at MP, and increment MP by the default dump length
.               # Alias for '>'
!aX             # Change address register X
!dX             # Change data register X
!u              # Change USP
?               # List the 'long' commands

alter           # Edit memory at MP
=               # Alias for 'alter'

boot            # Reboot the Amiga

clear           # Clear breakpoint at MP

fill            # Fill work space with a pattern

find            # Find a pattern from MP

go              # Start execution from MP
limit           # Set top of work space
regs            # Show all registers
reset           # Clear all breakpoints
resume          # Start from the trapped instruction
set             # Set breakpoint at MP
show            # Show all breakpoints
user            # Change to user mode


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