SHs Sleepover 2007 Route Check

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Route Check for Proposed Route #2.1

Route check performed October 6, 2007. No major construction or traffic delays. Weather was sunny, 84F.


Rider Vehicle
Jason McMullan 1978 Honda PA-II "Hobbit"


Time Origin Destination Comments
1 hour 61C Cafe Trax Farms A major hill immediately before Trax, but should not be a problem for a pack of mopeds.
1 hour Trax Farms Grandview Ave. Boggs Ave, coming up Mt. Washington, is steep, but almost no traffic.
45 min Grandview Ave Double-Wide Cafe P.J. McArdle requires great brakes.
Liberty Ave construction required a minor detour, but nothing serious.
30 min Double-Wide Cafe Chasers Beeler street construction may require a detour, if it's still occurring on the final ride date.


SHs Sleepover 2007 RC1 - 61C Cafe.jpg Origin

SHs Sleepover 2007 RC1 - Trax Farms.jpg Trax Farms

SHs Sleepover 2007 RC1 - Grandview Ave.jpg Grandview Ave

SHs Sleepover 2007 RC1 - Double-Wide Cafe.jpg Double-Wide Cafe

SHs Sleepover 2007 RC1 - Chasers.jpg Chasers


Achievement Rider Comments
Most Non-Fatal Mechanical Problems Jason McMullan Horn got stuck on after leaving Trax!
Biggest Slowpoke Jason McMullan Always at the back of the pack.
Point Man Jason McMullan Always took leader position.