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This is Yet Another DIY Eductor - aka YADE.


  • the eductor nozzle widens from 3/4" to 1", helping to spread the outgoing flow.
  • ABS free (for people who care about that)

Parts List

YADE Parts.jpg


Eductor Nozzle

PVC glue the 3/4" CPVC to PVC adapter into the 1 1/4" to 1" PVC bushing, as shown. This will be the eduction nozzle.

YADE Eduction Nozzle.jpg

Intake Nozzle

Screw in the 3/4" Barb to 3/4" MIP nylon adapter into the 1" Slip to 3/4" MIP PVC adapter. This will be the inductor nozzle.

YADE Intake Nozzle.jpg

Mixing Barrell

Press-fit the 1 1/4" Slip Coupling into the 3/4" slip to 1 1/4" slip bushing, as shown. This is the mixing barrel.

YADE Mixing Barrel.jpg

Intake Slots

Set the intake nozzle, the eductor nozzle, and the mixing barrel next to each other as show. The purple Q-Tip in the picture shows the maximum height of the intake slots.

YADE Intake Slot Setup.jpg

Cut the slots as show. A radial arm saw is ideal, but a hacksaw will work in a pinch.

YADE Intake Slots.jpg

Final Assembly

Press-fit all 3 components together.

Note that I cut this prototype's slots too high. If you do this, just fill in that area with aquarium silicone.

YADE Final Assembly.jpg