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CR-30 Belt Printer


The Creality CR-30 is a belt printer.

KlipperWRT Setup

Reprogram your Creality Box with KlipperWrt using this guide.

Klipper Setup

Package Baud Comment 230400 Klipper firmware configured for Creality Box w/KlipperWRT 250000 Klipper firmware configured for RaspberryPi
  1. Check out Klipper at git hash 4f939c18e9ae86ef39d75b710fd1e0c72b46e927
    • git clone
    • cd klipper
    • git checkout -b ${USER}/cr30 4f939c18e9ae86ef39d75b710fd1e0c72b46e927
  2. Copy the kbaudrate.bin file to your SD card, and power cycle your printer.
    • Firmware update takes approx 30s
    • Your screen will remain blank - this is normal
  3. Use the the printer.cfg from the archive to configure klipper
    • (in ~/klipper_config/ for the KlipperWRT setup, or upload via Fluidd/Mainsail for Pi)
  4. Use `service klipper restart` on the Creality Box SSH console, or restart Klipper via the Fluidd/Mainsail interface