Fisnar F4200N

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Fisnar F4200N (and other F4000N class devices)


Serial Control

  • Select 'Teach' mode
  • Use the Teaching Pendant to select Control By RS232 Mode (see manual)
  • Select 'Run' mode
  • Connect at 115200,8n1 (null modem cable required)

All axis values are in decimal mm. Ie '100' or '12.568'

Code Action Returns
0xdf Reset serial port << Control By RS232 Ver 2.6 >>
go Start current program ok
st Pause until START button pressed ok
in  ??? 0


iv  ??? 1


ha Home all axes ok
hx Home X axis ok
hy Home Y axis ok
hz Home Z axis ok
la X,Y,Z Start moving all axes ok
lx X Start moving X axis ok
ly Y Start moving Y axis ok
lz Z Start moving Z axis ok
pa Show all axes position X,Y,Z


px Show X axis position X


py Show Y axis position Y


pz Show Z axis position Z


wait Wait for all preceding movement commands to finish ok